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Bhutan has a rich variety of cultural events and festivals though out the year. Himalayan Dragon Tours & Treks has classified its tours into two categories namely, Cultural Tours and Special Tours. The details of each of these categories can be found below:

Cultural Tours

Bhutan has a rich variety of cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Most tours include visits to the regional Dzongs – large fortress-like temples that serve both a religious and administrative function and smaller secluded temples. Many festivals are celebrated with sacred dances by monks in trance-like states. The monks wear brightly colored costumes and masks representing Buddhist deities. Browse from our selection below or contact us to design your own tour.

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Special Tours

Many of our executive guests have special needs – beyond 5 star hotels and luxury spa experiences – they need to maintain a connection with their office. We can provide you the best available communications technology in Bhutan whether via satellite telephone or satellite data modem to work via the internet in remote locations. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Bhutan’s natural wellness traditions are embraced by a range of luxury spas offering hot rock baths, massage, yoga and other traditonal therapies. Whether its a wellness retreat or just luxurious 5 star accommodation you are looking for we can guide you. You might like to review the photos and reviews of Himalayan Dragon Tours & Treks’s favoured luxury hotels in Bhutan in this Conde Nast Traveler review.

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