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Bhutan has a rich variety of cultural events and festivals though out the year. Himalayan Dragon Tours & Treks has classified its tours into two categories namely, Cultural Tours and Special Tours.

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Bhutan has a wide range of trekking adventures from gentle village strolls through to high altitude remote challenges. Although we have been leading treks in Bhutan for 10 years, a trek is still a unique tourism experience in Bhutan. Only a small proportion of tourists take a trekking option so western trekkers are still a novelty to the mostly nomadic people of the higher valleys. Unlike Nepal, it is rare to share a camping area and we will often have high mountain valleys to ourselves. It is still common for a curious yak herding family to wander into our camp and invite us back to their tent to share yak cheese or butter tea.

Our treks are extremely luxurious. We have a horse and mule team that carry all tents, mattresses, and food. Trekking takes you into the wilder reaches of Bhutan and every season brings different foliage and views. Most of the treks are conducted March to May and September to November as it can be too cold in December to February and too wet June to August because of the Monsoon rains.

The peak altitudes on our adventure treks may include 4,000 to 5,000 metre passes but we are very experienced in acclimatising our guests at the appropriate pace. Many of our trekking guests are active walkers in their 70’s so fitness is more important than age. If you are concerned about your fitness please ask our advice. We have an experienced western doctor who can advise your primary care provider on altitude sickness medicines should you wish to explore this option or if you have had previous problems with altitude. We always ensure that we camp as low as possible at night to minimise altitude sickness. We can provide you with an exercise program with a target level of fitness applicable to the trek you are interested in completing.

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