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His Majesty the King graced the launch of the 'National Clean and Sober Day' by the Chithu [...]

Led by His Holiness the Je Khenpo and the five lopens, the Central Monastic Body left for Punakha, t [...]

Poor administration of fiscal policies, in the last five years, has led to the downfall in the count [...]

The Member of Parliament from Dramedtse-Ngatshang, Ugyen Wangdi, highlighted about the increasing nu [...]

Forty nine schools in the country will be developed as central schools in the next four years under [...]

EU migration has "blown off course" the UK's target to cut net migration to the tens [...]

A law forcing communications firms to keep details that could help identify criminals using the inte [...]

Lewis Hamilton clinches his second drivers' world championship with a comfortable victory in th [...]

A suicide bomber in east Afghanistan kills at least 45 people at a volleyball match, as Afghan MPs a [...]

Four or five terror plots have been stopped this year, compared with an average one a year in recent [...]

Romance. Suspense. Good versus evil. On the surface, Rwandan radio soap opera "Musekeweya, [...]

CNN's Rafael Romo struggles to report on a violent protest in Mexico as police release tear gas [...]

Isha Sesay explains why the Nigerian girls, once seemingly so close to release, still haven't c [...]